Our aim at Happy Hounds is for your pet to feel comfortable, safe and relaxed in their new temporary surroundings. Our kennels are kept clean and sanitary. Runs are covered, and we have block walls between kennels to make your pet feel safe and secure. A 6 ft fence surrounds the property and the owner lives on site. We have raised beds inside and out and encourage you to bring your pets favorite bed or blanket. Our kennels are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Runs range from 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft wide, all runs are 6ft long inside and 10ft outside, plenty of room for multiple pet families. Two large family dogs fit comfortably in my 5ft wide kennels. It is a good idea for owners to bring the food and treats their dog is used to eating to avoid an upset tummy.

Vaccinations required are: Rabies, DHLP & Parvo, Bordatella (kennel cough). Pets will be checked on arrival for fleas and ticks and will be treated accordingly. Medicine can be administered if necessary. Physical exercise and mental stimulation is very important to your pets state of mind. Pets have a good run and play several times a day in our grassy paddocks. Social animals, with your permission, may play with friends of similar size and temperament.

All playtimes are strictly supervised. Dogs who would rather not play with others will enjoy some one on one time with their human friend. We can take your pet for a half hour leashed walk in our 25 acre field, which has mowed trails, a creek to paddle in and a large fenced area to have a good run.

There is no place like home but we hope your pets stay with us will be enjoyable and you will feel at ease leaving your family friend with us at Happy Hounds. Photos of your pet having fun can be sent throughout their visit, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation knowing they are having a good time.


Happy Hounds is also a full service grooming facility for your pet. We are lucky to have Janice as our full time groomer, she has had 30 years experience and can perform the fanciest Poodle, Spaniel, Shih-tsu and Schnauzer cuts, as well as get your pet ready for warm weather with a summer cut. Jonna has recently joined us in the grooming parlor she too is experienced at grooming all breeds.

We offer flea and tick baths, nail trimming, ear cleaning, gland expressing, and other cosmetic services your pet needs to be happy and beautiful. All breeds are welcome! Puppies should be at least 12 weeks old for grooming.

We offer FrontLine for flea and tick control. Rates vary based on the breed and type of grooming needed. Call us to set up an appointment!